Captain America: Civil War


The Joxer Film Review of Captain America: Civil War

The Avengers are busy protecting the planet from the threats of HYDRA but to what to cost..?

After more civilian casualties die during a battle in Africa,Senator Ross brings The Avengers together and tells them that over 100 countries have signed an agreement that The Avengers should be accountable for their actions and be monitored to prevent any more casualties.Tony Stark [Robert Downey Jr] agrees with this but Captain America [Chris Evans] doesn’t and so begins the infighting between the 2 main men that threatens to tear the group apart.The Winter Soldier is still on the loose and the death of Tony Stark’s parents in 1991 slowly unravels,who was to blame? Will Cap and Stark resolve their differences before outside interference destroys them or is this the end for Earths Mightiest Heroes?

This film is everything that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t even though the plot is basically the same.This film encourages the audience to be entertained and have fun with the characters and doesn’t clog up the screen even though there are super-heroes coming at you from all directions.The introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther into the fold are well written,well played and don’t miss a beat when on screen.All our favourite Avengers are here [apart from Thor and Hulk] and the action scenes are fantastic,the script is fun and witty and it’s all done with a honest love for the genre and the viewer whether they are a Marvel fan or not.You need to have watched all the other films in this franchise previously though as there are nods and winks to them throughout.The scenes with the new Super-heroes are done well,bringing them into the mix and on to a level playing field with the more established characters,so Ant-Man,Spider-Man,Black Panther get the best scenes as far as I am concerned and at times it does become more of an Iron-Man film than a Captain America film but I imagine it’s done to set up the next film in the series..

It is a thoroughly enjoyable fun romp of a 2 1/2 hour film and one for all the family,don’t forget to stay until the very end of the credits of course..

Joxer Film Rating

A super-heroing 10/10


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