Solo: A Star Wars Story


The Joxer Film Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story:

Brief Plot Summary:

Directed by Ron Howard and starring Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Paul Bettany, Thandie Newton and Joonas Soutamo as Chewbacca, SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is a sequel to the prequels and a prequel but a stand-alone to the original trilogy set between episodes 3 and 4..

A young Han [Ehrenreich] and his female companion Qi’ra [Clarke] are living amongst the “scrumrats” of the destitute and dystopia of Corellia, where scoundrels and scavengers make their living by getting their hands on whatever they can in the Empire governed cities.

The pair of them get their hands on some Coaxium, a powerful hyperspace fuel and bribe an official to get off the planet and away from the criminal gangs.However, the pair get seperated and Han ends up blagging his way into the Imperial Fleet as a pilot and finds himself 3 years later crossing paths with Thomas Beckett [Harrelson], a smuggler and scoundrel and poking his nose into things he shouldn’t be poking his nose into.It turns out that Beckett knows a few dodgy people elsewhere,one of whom ends up being Qi’ra, who will now do anything to stay alive.

Han joins this band of crooks and villains on a mission for more Coaxium and finds his way and a few new friends on his quest in a galaxy far,far away..

The Joxer Film Review:

The latest instalment in the Star Wars franchise is a charmless affair that offers nothing new to the franchise and raises blandness to a new level.

A Star Wars story that is more Mad Max In Space than Star Wars with a hint of Dune thrown into the mix for good measure a good film this does not make.

Apart from Donald Glover as Lando Calrission who steals the screen whenever he is on it, the cast just go through the motions with some excruciatingly bad acting and with Ehrenreich trying his best to channel his inner Harrison Ford and not quite succeeding.

This baffling Star Wars story takes an eternity to get going and doesn’t even feel like a Star Wars story until about two thirds of the way into the film and then quickly dissolves back into the blandness and boring drudgery beforehand, which at times resembled a very poor imitation of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Meh Factor of the film continues at a stodgy pace as Han slowly but surely goes from being an optimist that sees the good in people to becoming the pessimistic and reluctant anti-hero we know and love in the other films.

This is probably the only redeeming feature of the film as the Han character develops whilst everything around him falls flat on it’s face due to the poor acting and script and don’t get me started on the really irritating, sarcastic feminist robot companion of Lando. A cheer rang out in the audience once that brief role ended.I was not alone in that sentiment apparently!

This turgid, sorry affair of a film was not helped by the music in the film which seemed to have been found lying around in the soggy basement after being discarded by John Williams in a Spielberg styled film of the 1980’s and played by a bunch of drunks that had managed to stumble into a recording studio.It is a terrible dirge that doesn’t fit in with the film at all and sounded completely out of context with what was happening on screen, the eyes and ears did not enjoy what was going on!

A sorry mess of a movie that will leave the viewer bewildered and confused [especially with that cameo near the end], this is a Star Wars film that offers nothing to the viewer and was forgotten almost immediately once I left the comfort of my seat.

A pointless exercise in the franchise apart from as a money-making scheme.This is truly one of the worst Star Wars films and can be easily bypassed when watching the complete saga.

If this is in a galaxy far, far away, then it can stay there and not bother the rest of us ever again..

A mind-bogglingly boring film and totally unexceptional,it’s predictable plot,lack of a decent villain and few surprises along the way do nothing for the cause.

The Force is not strong with this one..

Joxer Film Rating


*** stars




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