Starring Ruby Barnhill and Mark Rylance in the title role,the Steven Spielberg directed Roald Dahl written The BFG comes to the big screen in all it’s Disney splendour.. Sophie is an orphaned girl who sees the BFG one night whilst she is meant to be sleeping and is whisked away by The BFG to […]

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Star Trek: Beyond

  To boldly go into the 3rd film of the re-booted franchise starring Chris Pine,Zachary Quinto,Karl Urban,Zoe Saldana and with a story co-written by Simon Pegg, the film starts 3 years into the Enterprise’s mission with a Captain Kirk getting a bit fed up with the same thing day in day out whilst exploring strange […]

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Ice Age: Collision Course

  following on from what feels like the previous 512 installments of Ice Age movies comes Ice Age: Collision Course featuring the voices of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Queen Latifah. The film centres around the impending doom of an asteroid about to hit Earth caused by Scrat finding a spaceship, setting off […]

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The Legend of Tarzan

  Starring Alexander Skarsagard in the title role, The Legend of Tarzan starts with the aftermath of the Berlin Conference with the Congo being split in two between the UK and Belgium.Prince Leopold of Belgium is going bankrupt and sends his envoy Leon Rom [Christoph Waltz] into the wilds of the jungle to extract the […]

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  The Joxer Film Review of Ghostbusters Starring Melissa McCarthy,Kristen Wiig,Kate Mckinnon,Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth, Ghostbusters starts with Erin [Wiig] as a teacher at an university who finds out that an old friend Abby [,McCarthy] has being selling a book they wrote together years earlier about paranormal activity without her knowledge jepardising her chances […]

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The Secret Life of Pets

  The Joxer Film Review of Secret Life of Pets.. From the makers of Minions comes The Secret Life of Pets starring the voices of Louis C K,Eric Stonestreet,Ellie Kemper and Kevin Hart. It features a story based on what our pets do when we are not around. Max is terrier,spoiled rotten by his owner […]

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Central Intelligence

The Joxer Film Review of Central Intelligence.. Starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, the film starts in 1996 with Johnson’s character being publicly humiliated by a bunch of bullies at school with only Hart’s High School student of the year character coming to his rescue. 20 years later Calvin Joyner [Hart] is in a dead-end […]

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