Midnight Special

The Joxer Film Review of Midnight Special..

Midnight Special is an Indie Sci-Fi film by Jeff Nichols and stars Michael Shannon as Roy who has fled with his biological son from a religious Texan cult called The Ranch after discovering that his son Alton has supernatural powers and needs to be at a undisclosed location at a specific time for something celestial or world changing to occur.

An amber alert is raised all over Texas and neighbouring states by The Ranch to get the boy back to the cult as they see him as some kind of messiah [and not a naughty boy],this leads to them all being arrested by the FBI and interrogated as to what the boy really is by the NSA led by Paul Sevier [Adam Driver] who then leads an FBI chase to also find the boy before The Ranch do..

Roy and his long-lost childhood friend Lucas travel across the states trying to protect Alton and re-unite him with his long-lost mother [Kirsten Dunst] before time runs out for them all one way or another..

This film tries hard,it really has some good acting in it by Shannon and has a good story lurking underneath but at times it feels like an old discarded episode of The X-Files.There’s a lot of brooding,moodyness angst throughout but come the end of the film you are left with more questions than answers as the storyline just doesn’t quite gel and leaves a lot of gaps in the plot that never get answered.I found some of it quite tedious and my mind drifted as to the fact that Kylo Ren from Star Wars:The Force Awakens was chasing General Zod from Man of Steel across the USA whilst Alton reads Superman comics with Spiderman’s girlfriend in a station wagon.After that I gradually lost interest in it and started to wonder what to have for supper..

It’s not a bad film at all but it’s not as good as it thinks it is either.The finale is very Spielbergy Close Encountery but even then the finale isn’t properly explained and just meanders out into the credits.

I was expecting more from this if I am honest but it’s worth a viewing on a cold,damp dreary day..

Joxer Film Rating


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