Bad Moms

  The Joxer Film Review of Bad Moms.. Starring Mila Kunis,Kristen Bell,Kathryn Hahn,Annie Mumolo,Jada Pinkett-Smith and Christina Applegate. Amy Mitchell [Kunis] is a married mother of 2 who is feeling the strain of motherhood,working too hard and with too many other things in her life for her to handle.The final straw for her is when […]

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Swallows and Amazons

  Based loosely on the classic Arthur Ransome childrens book, Swallows & Amazons is set in 1936 and is about a group of middle-class children [Walker’s] on their annual holiday in the Lake District.They ask their mother if they can go camping on an island close by to where they are staying and mother reluctantly […]

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Nine Lives

  Starring Kevin Spacey,Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner, Nine Lives is a film about an egotistical,self centred corporate Megalomaniac Tom Brand [Spacey] who,whilst obsessed with building the biggest building in the Northern hemisphere forgets his main priorities of his family and most importantly his daughter’s birthday. His daughter really wants a cat for her birthday […]

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The Shallows

  Starring Blake Lively and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, The Shallows is a film about medical student Nancy Adams who travels to a secret secluded beach in Mexico in honour [and to pay a tribute] to her mother who died of cancer who went there in her youth.Whilst there she goes for surf and discovers […]

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Pete’s Dragon

  Starring Bryce Dallas Howard,Karl Urban,Robert Redford and Oakes Fedley as Pete, this is a remaking of the classic 1977 Disney cartoon. The film tells the story of a young boy called Pete who is lost in the woods near a town called Millhaven after being in a car crash and is seperated from his […]

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Suicide Squad

  Set in the same timeline as Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad is a crack[pot] team of anti-hero super-villains assembled to help the Midway City authorities capture even worse villains of meta-human qualities whilst Batman and Co are busy elsewhere forming The Justice League.. Starring Will Smith as Deadshot,Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared […]

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Jason Bourne

  Directed by Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon returns for the 5th installment in the franchise as the former CIA assassin and amnesiac Jason Bourne as he tries to uncover hidden truths about his past.. When former CIA operative Nicky Parsons [Julia Stiles] hacks into the CIA database and steals information on Bourne from Reykjavik in […]

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Finding Dory

  Starring Ellen Degeneres as the voice of Dory and with a stellar voice cast including Ed O’Neill, Albert Brooks and Kaitlin Olsen, the Pixar/Disney follow-up to the 2003 smash hit Finding Nemo finds the short-term memory losing Dory remembering bits of her early life and sets off in search of her parents with a […]

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