Deadpool 2


The Joxer Film Review of Deadpool 2..

Brief Plot Summary.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Juilan Dennison, Zazie Beetz , Stefan Kapicic and Eddie Marsan, Deadpool 2 is the 11th film in the X-Men franchise.

Set 2 years after the first film, we find Wade Wilson [Reynolds] as the “Merc with the Mouth” Deadpool taking out the bad guys around the world until one failed mission leaves Wade in a world of hurt and blowing himself up in his kitchen.

After being dragged and in pieces to the X-Men mansion, Deadpool becomes a “Trainee X-Man” and is re-united with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead [complete with Japanese girlfriend] and is sent out on his first mission where a young mutant, Firefist [Dennison] is threatening to kill the head of the orphanage [Marsan], who he claims is torturing him. After Deadpool makes the whole situation worse than it already is, Deadpool and Firefist end up in “power collars” and carted off to the IceBox, where a super-soldier from the future called Cable [Brolin] with a grudge against Firefist, travels to the present day to kill the young mutant.

Can Deadpool and his new band of friends save the young mutant from his destructive future or will Cable get his man [boy]..?

Film Review:

After the mega-success of the first film, it would be a hard act for Deadpool 2 to come close to pulling off the thrills and spills with the side-splitting humour to match but somehow it does. Ryan Reynolds has once again nailed this film on the head and with an added dose of a Marvel villain of Josh Brolin who may have been in another low budget Marvel film recently, playing the straight role of Cable to Deadpool’s comedy character, the film works surprisingly well.

The action scenes are well grafted, the comedy flows from the first second to the last, the story is not lost in the mix of all the humour and the cameo appearances come at you from all angles. References to The Goonies, the latest Marvel hit “Legion” and glimpses of other, more famous X-Men flow effortlessly throughout the film and the tongue is so far in the cheek that mouth ulcers could be a concern.

It doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of the first film with it’s originality as we have seen it before but the film has a more rounded feel to it and more depth of character and a better plot, plus the added bonus of the formation of Deadpool’s own super-dooper team.

Naturally, the rude, the crude and downright bad taste that made the first film such a hit is still in this film, the scene of a pantless Deadpool will haunt you for weeks, keep an eye out for the Stan Lee mural on the wall and the two Hollywood star rednecks..

A thoroughly enjoyable film that will have you equally laughing and cringing in your seats, It is perhaps not the sequel we wanted but the sequel we deserve..

The best sequel since Highlander 2

Joxer Film Rating


5 stars


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