Captain America: Civil War

  The Joxer Film Review of Captain America: Civil War The Avengers are busy protecting the planet from the threats of HYDRA but to what to cost..? After more civilian casualties die during a battle in Africa,Senator Ross brings The Avengers together and tells them that over 100 countries have signed an agreement that The […]

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Midnight Special

The Joxer Film Review of Midnight Special.. Midnight Special is an Indie Sci-Fi film by Jeff Nichols and stars Michael Shannon as Roy who has fled with his biological son from a religious Texan cult called The Ranch after discovering that his son Alton has supernatural powers and needs to be at a undisclosed location […]

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Bastille Day

The Joxer Film Review of Bastille Day.. Starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden,Bastille Day blasts onto your screens from the very first second of the film until the last.The film starts with Parisian/American pick-pocket Michael Mason [Madden] stealing a bag from Zoe Naville [Charlotte Le Bon] unaware that she has just bottled out of planting […]

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Eye In The Sky

The Joxer Film Review of Eye in the Sky.. Starring Helen Mirren,Aaron Paul and the late,great Alan Rickman in his final film role. Eye in the Sky is a taut,pyschological,British film highlighting the ethical,legal and moral dilemma presented to the British military when dealing with an imminent terrorist attack in a “friendly” country,in this case […]

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Disney’s The Jungle Book

    The Joxer Film Review of Jungle Book.. A part live/part CGI remaking of the classic Disney animation of 1967 more than the classic Kipling story, this version uses the best of modern technology to bring the tale into the 21st century. Starring, amongst others, Sir Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Bill Murray and Scarlett […]

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10 Cloverfield Lane

  The Joxer Film Review of 10 Cloverfield Lane This is a difficult film to review without giving away spoilers but I shall try my best.. Following an argument and leaving her boyfriend,Michelle [Mary Elizabeth Winstead] is involved in a car crash and finds herself injured and tied up in a basement [nuclear] bunker being […]

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Set before AND after Snow White and The Huntsman,The Huntsman:Winter’s War is a tale of 2 Queen’s and how The Huntsman [and women] became who they are.. We spend the first 3rd of the film in prequel mode showing the back story on how Brighton as a young boy became a Huntsman and then the […]

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