The Big Short

              It’s definitely Award Season at the moment at the cinema and here comes another Oscar contender and if you are expecting an action packed,adrenalin fuelled,soppy love story with big explosions and fight scenes then this isn’t the film for you.. This is a “proper” film,high on acting,low on […]


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The Revenant

This weeks offering is The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio,Tom Hardy and Will Poulter.. set in the american mountains in the 1800’s,it starts with DiCaprio,Hardy and pals as a bunch of pelt collectors attacked by indians,DiCaprio is also a scout/tracker and is attacked by an angry bear and left for dead and buried alive by Hardy […]

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Today’s offering is the latest instalment in the Rocky franchise but with a [predictable] twist.. Starring Michael B Jordan as the [very young] son of the [very] late Apollo Creed and Sly Stallone as Rocky Balbao as Rocky trains the young rookie for a big pay day against the popular and undefeated British boxing world […]

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