X-Men: Apocalypse


The Joxer Film Review of X-Men: Apocalypse

Set in 1983, the film stars James McAvoy,Michael Fassbender,Jennifer Lawrence and Oscar Issac as the villain Apocalypse.

The Film starts in ancient Egypt with mutant En Sabah Nur [Apocalypse] about to take the super-healing powers of another mutant in a ritual in a pyramid but the locals have other ideas and destroy the pyramid with Nur and his 4 disciples trapped inside,killing the the disciples and leaving Nur trapped under the rubble until 1983 when he is awoken by new followers and re-continues his desire of world domination.

Whilst all this is going on, Charles Xavier and his merry band of young mutants are training and learning at Xavier’s school of Gifted Youngsters when Jean Grey gets a vision in her sleep of the impending doom about to be unleashed by Apocalypse while Magneto is in disguise and working at a steel works in Poland evading capture from the authorities and living a “normal” life with a wife and young daughter.It all goes pear-shaped for him when he shows his mutant powers trying to save the life of a fellow worker at the steel plant.

In the meantime, Apocalypse has recruited 3 new mutants as his disciples and sets off to recruit Magneto as his 4th and final Horseman before Xavier and the X-Men can stop him from joining and helping Apocalypse destroy the world, who’s side will Magneto choose..?

The film is a an excellent, Enjoyable romp of a movie, loads of interesting storylines intertwined within for the fans of the franchise, a little back history for Magneto and action scenes galore from the word go.It starts off with a homage to Stargate and then brings a lot of early 80’s nostalgia into the film, the banter between the cast is excellent, the jokes are subtle and it is a pleasure to watch.It’s just over 2 hours long and there is a lot crammed in but it flows nicely and all is fine.

The film is a bit violent and probably not suitable for the very young viewer, especially in the first 20 minutes.

The action scenes will keep the viewer entertained, the scenes with Quicksilver are very funny and it is a fitting finale to the prequel sequels..

There is a Marvel Moment at the very end of the film of course!

Joxer Film Rating 9/10


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