Boss Baby


The Joxer Film Review of Dreamworks Boss Baby,Starring the voices of Alec Baldwin.Steve Buscemi,Tobey Maguire and Lisa Kudrow..

A brief plot summary..

Tim [Maguire] is your average 7 year old boy,playing adventure games and creating imaginary scenarios to keep himself occupied whilst mum and dad sing him Beatles songs to help him sleep and read him all the bedtime books he needs, when one day,out of the blue a new baby brother appears.Not some normal baby brother though,a briefcase carrying,talking [voiced by Baldwin] boss baby,sent on a mission from above to stop parents buying puppies and have kids instead.How will Tim cope with this new addition to the family?

This animated film plays with plenty of wit and toilet humour whilst trying to find it’s footing as to what audience it wants to appeal to.It tries to be all things and none and ends up doodling on the floor in it’s own dribble.At times it is very funny,the jokes,when they do work are witty with the humour aimed more for adults than for children,in fact most kids watching the screening I attended were clearly bored by the 15 minute mark of the film and some of the adults were already looking at the phones to see how much longer they had to endure.The humour though,comes through when the two main characters have the comedic material to bounce off each other,some scenes are very funny indeed but young kids will not understand it all.In the end it becomes a sloppy mess of a movie,not knowing which way it wants to go next and just fizzles out to a very average ending.

Alec Baldwin plays the Boss Baby well but I kept expecting him to do a Trump impression at any given minute.The rest of cast just phone it in to be honest.It’s all a bit half-arsed..

The animation itself is your usual Dreamworks affair,nothing magical to write home about,the subtle jokes are old,references to The Million Dollar Man will go over the head of anyone under the age of 40 and probably the best feature of the film is the music which ranges from The Beatles to Holst’s Planet Suite..

It’s certainly not a film that the very young viewer will find enjoyable but may appeal to the young adult audience that find toilet humour enjoyable but it’s not one of Dreamworks better efforts..

Joxer Film Rating

A power-napping




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