Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks, Sully is a biographical-drama about the emergency crash-landing in the Hudson river of US Airways flight 1549 in January 2009 and the subsequent investigation thereafter.

So, how do you make a 93 minute film out of something that only lasted 255 seconds in real life? Basically, you fill the film up with loads of flashbacks of parts of Sully’s life and various scenarios of what could have happened if he hadn’t done what he did on that cold January day..

Tom Hanks gives, as always, a fine performance, he really is dependable when it comes to films, yet he still comes across as playing it safe just as he did in Bridge of Spies last year.The supporting cast are good,it was nice to see Aaron Eckhart in a decent film for once after the abomination of London Has Fallen earlier this year and the film is directed excellently by Clint Eastwood, with some great cinematography during the crash scenes.My only gripe about the film is that it is all very “safe”, there is nothing groundbreaking about the film and the film ends just as it’s getting interesting and therefore you are left with a “meh” impression at the end.The bits that do work [the crash scenes] work very well but the rest just rolls along without too much of an effort and the parts that are thrown in just to try and add a 3 dimensional plot to the story [the 3 men going for a golf holiday] don’t compliment the movie at all and just comes across as “filler” material to try and drag out the film for as long as possible because the only story in the film lasts a mere 255 seconds..

It is however,an enjoyable movie without being a very good movie and is worth a viewing on a cold,dark December day,but just like the plane itself it just doesn’t quite take off as one would have liked..

Joxer Film Rating



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