Ready Player One


Produced and directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the Ernest Cline novel of the same name, Ready Player One stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn and Mark Rylance and is set in Ohio 2045, where people now live in mobile homes called The Stacks and live their lives in the VR world of The Oasis to escape the mundane real world.

Young Wade Watts [Sheridan] discovers clues to a hidden game within The Oasis and with the aid of various game players tries to unlock the codes before the evil Nolan Sorrento and his corporation do so..

The Joxer Film Review:

This visually stunning adaption of the novel does something most films don’t do, it is actually an improvement on the book!

The fast paced science fiction action adventure starts exactly as it intends to continue and doesn’t let up as the visuals burst forth of the screen from all angles and snare your attention from the off.

There seemed like a million “easter eggs” coming at you with every sequence and pop culture fans will not be disappointed with all the references to films and computer games of yesteryear, there is even a Highlander reference near the beginning of the film which did please this reviewer immensely.

Only Spielberg could pull this film off. It would be an absolute mess if someone else had tried to make this film. The cast are superb but a lack of character building does leave it a little flimsy, but if you are prepared to just let yourself go and go with the flow you will not be disappointed. It is not Spielberg’s best film but he still has the magic to engage the audience into the story and is more than happy for them to make up their own favourite scenes..

Which brings me to the middle part of the film. There were loads of confused faces on the younger audience when The Shining part of the film appeared. Now, us old farts understood what was going on but the younger ones didn’t “get it” at all and it’s not exactly suitable for the the younger viewers either.

But each to their own.

A stunning spectacle with glorious FX, I enjoyed it far more than I anticipated I would and I will definitely be getting the 3D version when it’s available.

This film will keep those aged 12 year olds + entertained but caution required for anyone under that age.

Ben Mendelsohn plays the baddie to the hilt, hamming it up big time, Tye Sheridan is fine as main male lead but it’s Olivia Cooke who steals the show here as the plucky bad ass Art3mis, the future is very bright for this actress, Mark Rylance however, seems completely confused and befuddled with what is going on and looks totally miscast as the man behind the game, James Halliday.

The film could have been better but the Spielberg effect wins over in the end and will become a fan favourite over the years, it’s a grower of a movie that will reveal more details the more you watch it.

Well worth a viewing on a wet Saturday afternoon when the kids are bored.

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