Shape Of Water

The Joxer Film Review of Shape Of Water

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro and written by Tel Toro and Vanessa Taylor, The Shape of Water stars Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Richard Jenkins, Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer.

Quick plot synopsis.

Set during the Cold War of the 1960’s, a mysterious fish-like human creature is captured in the Amazon and brought to a secret US military base run by the malicious Colonel Richard Strickland [Shannon] and experimented on and routinely tortured. Elisa and Zelda, two office cleaners [Hawkins and Spencer] happen to be in the room on it’s arrival and an instant connection forms between the creature and mute Elisa, who secretly befriends the creature and designs a plan to release it back into the sea.

All this is going on whilst a Soviet spy lurks in the midst of all this, designing his own plan to get details of the creature back to his informants for their own nefarious ways, but who is the real villain here, will good triumph over evil..?

The Joxer film Review..

A lush and beautiful fairytale entwined with deeper darker scenarios unfold as the majesty of Guillermo Del Toro’s Academy Award winning masterpiece encapsulates everything that is great about cinema. The flow of the film washes over you as the unlikely love story of “fish man” and “mute woman” lifts the spirit and leaves a warm glow on the soul.

Wonderful performances by Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones make the story so believable and Michael Shannon shines as the evil, nasty no-good Strickland, who will do everything and anything to get what he wants and has absolutely no empathy to what is around him.

A film so visually delightful is also brought to life by the music accompanying it which will lift you to the clouds as the mood of the film strikes a chord in the heart of the viewer. A stunning visual drama unfolds around you as Del Toro’s vision comes to life and holds you until the very last scenes.

If you haven’t seen this yet then you really should. Weather and other matters meant that I caught the last showing at the cinema of this locally but if you can’t manage to see it on the big screen then you need to add this to your dvd collection as soon as possible.

This film will lift the soul of anyone who watches it and is one of the best films for many years.

Beautiful, just beautiful..

Joxer Film Rating

An Oscar boiled egg grabbing



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