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Based on the novel by Stephen King and directed by Andy Muschietti,IT [chapter 1] tells the story of group of kids in Derry,Maine 1989.

Fans of the book and the 1990 tv mini-series will be fully aware of the story but for those that aren’t,a quick briefing..

A monster lurks under Derry,IT takes many forms but mainly the one of Pennywise The Dancing Clown that lures kids to their deaths every 27 years or so and then hibernates to do the cycle all over again every generation.

One of the kids killed this time is Georgie Denbrough.His 13 year old brother Bill and his young friends set out to find out what exactly IT is that is terrorising their town.They don’t like what they find..


This is a cracking version of the book,brilliantly adapted for the big screen with fantastic performances from the young ensemble cast.

With stand out performances by Jaeden Lieberher as Bill and Sophia Lillis as Beverly,the film embraces the classic feel of 1980’s movies such as Stand By Me and The Goonies and then injects modern twists and turns via Stranger Things until it brings the film together with a joyful charm that makes you feel as if you are part of The Losers Club yourself.There is a real bond,a real chemistry between all the young cast.They are truly superb and nail their roles perfectly..

The film hits the spot with every scene,which does deviate from the book often but without losing the thread of the story.Bill Skarsgard is seriously sinister as the evil clown.The charm of Tim Curry’s version is nowhere to be seen here as Skarsgards childishness brings a creepyness that will have your skin crawling from the opening scenes until the finale.He will give you nightmare’s for weeks!

The real villains here though are the adults.They have no empathy in them whatsoever,are horrid individuals and cause more long term harm to the kids than probably the clown..

The film itself is beautifully shot,wide cinematic scenes show a gentile side to the story and with child-like fairytale music playing in the background you are drawn into the innocence before being brutally awakened by the darkness that lurks underneath.

It  has everything going for it in this film,an instant popcorn classic that will enthral and scare from beginning to end and with plenty of humour thrown in for good measure.This film is not for the faint of heart but will be embraced by fans of Stephen King’s classic novel and new converts alike.

A must see for all fans of the horror genre and a new generation of Coulrophobics can be even more scared of clowns than they were before

I personally can not wait for chapter 2!

Joxer Film Rating

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