The Joxer Film Review of Detroit..

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starring John Boyega,Will Poulter,Algee Smith and Anthony Mackie,Detroit is a period drama based on the incident at the Algiers Motel during the 1967 riots in Detroit..

Plot Summary..

In July 1967 police raid an unlicensed club,a mob forms soon afterwards and tensions grow eventually leading to the National Guard being deployed to provide assistance to the police.One of those cops Phillip Krauss [Poulter] shoots a fleeing looter against orders but is allowed to stay on the front line whilst officers investigate what happened and whether or not to bring murder charges against him.

Meanwhile,a Motown event is being staged featuring a male vocal group called The Dramatics who are hoping to use the show to break into the big time but the show gets cancelled due to the riots just as they are about to go on stage.Fleeing for their lives,members of the band end up at the Algiers Motel where they encounter more hostility from trigger-happy cops,one of which happens to be Krauss.

As all of this happens,a security guard Melvin Desmukes [Boyega] tries to ingratiate himself with the National Guard with cups of coffee from the store he is protecting but finds himself accompanying Krauss’ police contingent and the National Guard as Krauss and his buddies round up suspects in the hotel after a shot from a starter pistol is fired and the National Guard mistake it for sniper fire.

There then ensues all kinds of nasty incidents involving racist police as the situation spirals out of control..

The Joxer Film Review..

A hard-hitting piece of dramatic cinema from Kathryn Bigelow and a mesmeric performance by Will Poulter brings Detroit to life as the tension builds in this 4 segmented masterclass of a movie.

The first part of the film shows how the riots began,going through the hostages at the hotel,the interviews at the police station and then the subsequent trials and white-washing..

Will Poulter is the star of this film.Clearly the best thing he’s done so far on screen,he shines as the nasty racist Krauss as he spirals out of control with lust for shooting anything on sight.John Boyega plays his role with dignity and grace as he realises he is out of his depth in the chaos that surrounds him and gives a fine performance.

Kathryn Bigelow once again shows why she is one of the best directors around as she gives the film empathy and hate with equal doses without going overboard with the drama,keeping a fine line with decency and respect.

It is a powerful drama of the 50 year old incident with a very strong cast with Hannah Murray [Gilly,Game of Thrones] excellent as Julie Ann.In fact,this mostly British cast give some of the performances of the year on screen..

A must see for anyone that enjoy films like Heat of the Night.This provocative period drama will have you gripped from beginning to end.

A stunning cinematic experience

Joxer Film Rating



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