Final Portrait


The Joxer Film Review of Final Portrait

Directed by Stanley Tucci and starring Geoffrey Rush and Armie Hammer,the film tells the story of American writer James Lord [Hammer] who agrees to pose for a portrait for his friend Alberto Giacometti [Rush] in Paris 1964 and slowly witness’ the frustrations and insights into a world he doesn’t understand as the afternoon portrait takes 3 weeks to do..

During this time Lord realises that to Giacometti,portraits have no meaning and then do so as the neurotic Giacometti drinks all day and sleeps with young prostitutes as a final portrait to his own life.

The film itself is slow,meandering and often tedious as the infatuations and quirks of the same scene being played over and over again become incredibly slumbersome and you are left asking yourself where this film is actually going with it’s story..

The out of focus camera angles and close up wobblyness also suggested that Giacometti was not the only one on the cooking sherry.It is seriously annoying throughout the duration of the film and did nothing to make the mediocrity of the story any more appealing.

Geoffrey Rush,as always,gives his all in a role he could sink his teeth into but is let down by the lack of chemistry with his co-star Armie Hammer who is more of a statuesque sculpture than the creations in Giacometti’s studio.He is dull as dishwater and totally bland.The only saving grace to this is the chemistry between Rush and Tony Shalhoub as his brother Diego who lives upstairs.

I found this film to be a lopsided mess,just like some of Giacometti’s sculptures.

It is an ideal film for having a nap to,as one person in the same row as me did as the boredom of this film takes hold.It goes nowhere slowly and is literally two hours of watching paint dry as the film continually starts over again and again in an infinite circle of comatose close up drunken debauchery until Lord and the rest of us for that matter have had enough and just want to go home..

Joxer Film Rating


2 stars



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