Logan Lucky


The Joxer Film Review of Logan Lucky..

Directed by Steven Soderburgh,written by Rebecca Blunt and starring Channing Tatum,Adam Driver,Katie Holmes,Riley Keough,Seth MacFarlane and introducing Daniel Craig as Joe Bang,Logan Lucky is another in a fine line of “Gang Heist” movies released this year.

Set in the Carolina’s of America and featuring an assortment red neck sterotypes,Logan Lucky is a story of a bunch of losers with one brain cell between them robbing the local speedway stadium during the Coca-Cola [other soft drinks are available] 600 race,the busiest race of the season..

Jimmy Logan [Tatum] is a dead beat father,missing his daughters dances at school,a general idiot and is now laid off from his job.He goes to his local bar to get drunk and recruits his one-armed bar-tending brother [Driver] to rob the Charlotte speedway stadium via the workplace he’s just been laid off from.

The simple-minded Logans recruit the not-so-bright Joe Bang [the excellent Daniel Craig] from his prison cell with a plan so ridiculous it could only backfire and with the help of other intellectually challenged locals and family members in tow,Jimmy Logan tries to break a family curse of getting everything wrong every time..

Film Review..

This wonderfully weird and wonky movie could have come straight out of The Coen Brothers handbook.It has their trademarks all over it but is instead Soderburgh’s best film for a long while.

The luckless Logan’s are a joy to watch with their simple,stupid ideas coming to fruition.The obvious stereotyping of where they live is incredibly funny [toilet seat throwing contests and mini tractor racing] and the script even more so with wonderful lines about “we know all the twitters” when asked about social media,use of words like “dramastically” and a prison riot in the canteen because a Game of Thrones book hasn’t been written yet.

The acting borders from very good to superb with Daniel Craig as Joe Bang stealing the show every time he is on screen as Tatum plays the straight man to all the shenanigans going on around him.

It’s wonderfully directed,the script is spot on and the film flows along at an enjoyable pace through-out.Not even Seth MacFarlane’s annoying British accent can ruin this film,even though he tries his best too!

The film soundtrack is full of Southern America references,so if you enjoy “take me home,country roads” and songs of that ilk then this is the film for you..

All in all this is a very entertaining and enjoyable bit of froth that was far better than I thought it would be.A Fargo Meets Oceans 11 kind of film that does exactly what it sets out to do..

Did it need the Hilary Swank character though? probably not,as her parts in the film don’t actually fit in with the rest of the film and doesn’t actually go anywhere..

Joxer Film Rating

A one-armed thumbs up..


4 stars


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