War For The Planet of the Apes


The Joxer Film Review of War For The Planet Of The Apes

Directed by Matt Reeves and written by Reeves with Mark Bomback,War For The Planet Of The Apes is the third and final part of the prequel Apes Trilogy following on from Rise and Dawn and sees Caesar [Andy Serkis] and his army of apes being hunted down 2 years after the end of the last film by The Colonel [Woody Harrelson] and suffering devastating losses at the hands of the humans.

After this,Caesar sends what remains of the apes on a mission to travel to pastures new as far away as they can get from The Colonel and his army of soldiers,whilst he and Maurice go in search of The Colonel for a final confrontation.

Along the way they stumble across a young mute girl alone and afraid in a mountain cabin and a bond between her and Maurice brings them together and a devastating secret about the flu that wiped out most of the human race becomes apparent to Caesar as his journey to confront the Colonel reaches the ultimate finale.Will Humans finally wipe out the Apes.The alpha and the omega begins for the end is nigh for one of the species but which one will “inherit this unholy kingdom”?

After the largely disappointing 2nd film in this franchise,I took to my seat with a little bit of trepidation,wondering if I was in for another 2 and Half Hours of tedious dialogue and very little action.How wrong could I be..

This film has everything in it.Some fabulous cinematography and excellent writing but the thing that grabs you from the word go is the sensational acting and body movements of the cast as the physically become the apes.The facial expressions of Caesar are extraordinary and as The Colonel quite rightly states to Caesar during the film “my God,look at your eyes,they are almost human..” and he’s correct,for the CGI recreation of the actors expressions bring the whole characters to a proper three dimensional feel to them.

Andy Serkis is superb as Caesar,he literally becomes this Laurence Olivier character of method acting,bringing Caesar to life and showing more human qualities under the ape mask from the first moment of the film until the last.It would be nice if he finally gets the Oscar nod for this film that he never got for his portrayal of Gollum,for it thoroughly deserves it.

Woody Harrelson sinks his teeth into the role of The Colonel with some aplomb.Channelling his inner Brando in Ap[e]ocalypse Now and Fiennes in Schindlers List to become this psychotic,hell-bent,almost cult leader of his soldiers that will do everything to wipe out Caesar and the apes.

There is also more light-hearted moments in this film than the previous two films.The “Bad Ape” character played by Steve Zahn comes across as a kind of Lee Evans character,complete with body warmer and woolly hat and almost steals the show.The people in attendance in the cinema with me were laughing wonderfully at everything he does on screen and his character doesn’t distract from what else is happening..

It is a glorious film to watch and a fitting finale for a trilogy that breathed new life into a franchise thought long dead.A joy from beginning to end,the trilogy ends on a high note and fits nicely into the next film which one presumes would be the Charlton Heston original..

A must see for all fans of thought provoking sci-fi drama

Joxer Film Rating

a monkey-magical

5 stars





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