Spider-Man:Homecoming is a superhero,comic book film and the 16th film in the Marvel Universe.

Starring Tom Holland,Michael Keaton,Robert Downey Jr,Jon Favreau,Marisa Tomei and Zendaya.

It is now the 2nd time that Spider-Man has been re-booted from the Sam Raimi original films.How does it compare with the other versions? Most favourably it appears..

No need for an Uncle Ben recap with this film as it understands that everyone sat in their seats have already seen that.No need for the spider bite either for this film doesn’t take it’s audience for fools and jumps straight in with Spider-Man being called up by Iron-Man [Downey Jr] to help in the Civil War “Battle in Berlin” against Captain America and then being brought down to planet Earth again by having to go to school soon after.It’s here that the story develops,as young Peter Parker struggles with daily life as a teenager with teenage problems,a crush on a girl that’s out of his league,a nerdy best friend that just wants to build a Death Star in Parker’s bedroom and school spelling bee contests,whilst secretly being trained [so he thinks] by IronMan to join the Avengers..

Meanwhile,it’s been 8 years since the New York Alien attack and Adrian Toomes [Keaton] has taken to a life of crime with stolen Chitauri equipment after his company loses the contract to clean up the city after the attack.One evening Spider-Man stumbles across a botched deal involving Toome henchmen and foils their plot to sell weapons.Toomes takes it badly and makes Spider-Man his public enemy number 1,vowing to make things personal with the webslinger..


This is a cracking film that makes the previous incarnations look weak in comparison.

Marvel continue to push the envelope with the expansion of their cinematic universe and this film slots in perfectly into the mix so effortlessly that you’d think this character has been involved in the storyline from the beginning.It is perfect casting for Tom Holland as Spider-man,a role he takes with both hands and makes his own from the very first moments until the end.Keaton is superb as the villainous Toomes.You see his anger and rage coming out the screen every time he is on it and at last we have a proper Marvel villain that captures the part and is the equal to the super-hero.

There is perfect casting throughout,Jacob Batalon is superb as Parker’s super-nerdy best friend Ned and it’s nice to see more of the Happy Hogan character too.Great diversity in the casting also makes this film feel more rounded and more accessable to the audience.

The CGI is superb,a vivid colour of cinema that makes you feel a part of the movie and the action will have you on the edge of your seat throughout as you fight every battle that comes our hero’s way.

At over 2 hours long you could be mistaken for thinking that the film could slip into mediocrity but it doesn’t.The comedic moments are spot on and the tip of the hat to Ferris Bueller is perfectly executed.

It doesn’t go “full teen angst” that so many other films easily do and is a must see film of the Summer.easily the best Spider-Man movie that’s been made and a worthy addition to the Marvel Universe as we head nearer to the Infinity Wars showdown..

Joxer Film Rating

A Webslinging Wonderful Movie..


5 stars


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