Despicable Me 3

Starring the voices of Steve Carrell,Kristen Wiig and Pierre Coffin [as the Minions],Despicable Me 3 is the latest film in the Illumination franchise.

This one sees Gru,now a fully fledged good guy chasing 80’s throwback supervillain Balthazar Bratt,a washed up child tv star now living a life of crime and obsessed with the character he once played on screen.Thrown in the mix is the arrival of Gru’s long lost brother Dru,who wants Gru [try and keep up] to return to his old ways and join him on a crime spree.Will Gru and Dru [no Barney McGrew in sight] team up as villains or can Gru convince Dru [still following?] to end his evil ways too..?

This film is by far the weakest film in the franchise.The whole plot seems to be cobbled together by a committee in the studio tearoom and written on the back of an envelope as they search for the packet of hobnobs.. [other biscuits are available]

There are various sub-stories going on throughout the film that have as much depth as a bargain shop paddling pool and never get explored fully.For example,the storyline of the unicorn,the storyline with the brother,the storyline with Lucy wanting to be more of a mother.The whole thing starts with a story but never actually develops much more after that and then gets brushed aside for a Minions cameo piece and that’s half the problem for the Minion segue pieces are actually much better and far funnier than the supposed proper story of the film which is lazily written and lacks any originality to it and become lacklustre..

The minions,once again are the stars of the film.For me,more Minions and less Dru and Co would have been far better in my eyes.I laughed like a loon nearly all the way through any scene that had the Minions in.The scene from Pirates of Penzance alone is worth the price of a ticket and I would much prefer another Minions film than another Despicable Me film.

That saying,the film is still enjoyable [when the Minions are on screen] and doesn’t feel like a hour and a half movie.The kids will be entertained and if you are a fan of the Minions then you will be satisfied with the film.If you are not then avoid like the plague..

just don’t go in with high expectations..


Joxer Film Rating

A solid “meh!”

6/10 [8/10 for the Minions] 3 stars



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