Ice Breaker

The Joxer Film Review of Ice Breaker

Written by Dalian Davis and directed by Davis and Willy McGee,Ice Breaker is an Indie/arthouse film and stars Matthew James as Kevin Cassidy with Hailey Marmolejo,Bonnie Sturdivant and Kelsey Johnson as the main support cast.

Kevin Cassidy [James] is a socially awkward,insecure,easily lead young man who has somehow managed to invent an app called The Ice Breaker to help others like him who have a fear of chatting to people.He travels to Texas to live with his cousin and to sell his app to the highest bidder but finds his cousin is away meditating in the Himalayas and he has to crash at a local shelter and find a proper job.

He then manages to inadvertently end up in a love triangle with Lana, a broke artist,trying to find her own fitting in the world and Shea,a model,who’s life is funded by her rich father who also happens to be an app developer.Which way will Kevin’s life take him as the fish out of water stumbles from one near disaster to the next..will he be able to sell his app?

As Arthouse/Indie films go this isn’t bad.For the most part the acting manages to keep what could easily have been a flat-on-their-face project afloat.The four main cast members show great potential,especially the three female cast members already mentioned who manage to raise the game of Matthew James whenever they are on screen.Marmolejo as Lana is the star of this quartet,with a calming,charming performance that is the main glue of this film and gives a solid performance

A quirky and quaint rom/com film that doesn’t try to hard to be something else and knows it’s limitations with the actors involved and is obviously filmed on a very limited budget,it sometimes mirrors James’ character of Cassidy as it too stumbles awkwardly towards the finale,especially with the cringingly nervous lower cast members that seem to be making up their lines as they go along and are as wooden as a tree.Thankfully the 4 main cast members keep the film from drowning in a sea of sewage and carry the film to a fitting,if obvious finale.

There is also a cracking Indie music soundtrack that fits in nicely with what is going on around the film.

If you are into short arthouse films then this obscure but obvious film is fine for a wet day indoors.

Joxer Film Review



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