The Lego Batman Movie


Starring the voice of Will Arnett in the title role and with a host of other A-list voices in a strong support cast,The Batman Lego movie is the inevitable follow-up to the surprise smash hit movie The Lego Movie from a couple of years ago.

Lego Batman is busy fighting crime in Gotham,taking down foes like The Riddler,Penguin,Catwoman and of course,The Condiment King [and to quote The Joker “you Google it!”] but doesn’t have time for the more subtle things in life like love and a family.After visiting the retirement party for Commissioner Gordon, Batman unwittingly adopts a young lego boy and is forced by his butler Alfred to train young Dick in the ways of being a Super-hero whilst the evil Joker plots on destroying Gotham with the aid of every super-villain [and other nefarious creatures] known to Legokind..

This is a super-witty follow up to the first film.The one-liners come at you from all angles and with such a speed that at times it becomes hard to keep up with them all.There are references to EVERY Batman creation throughout the film and even a sly dig at last years Suicide Squad movie for good measure.

The animation is superb,the voices are well cast and the film is an enjoyable romp of laughter and Lego-brick mayhem although it did stutter a bit mid film as the in-jokes started to wear thin but then the film recovered for a fantastic finale of Batman and his new family versus The Jokers mega-posse of villains.

You will find yourself laughing at the sheer sillyness of it all and the film will appeal to children of all ages,from 8-80.

Although the film is not as awesome as the first Lego Movie it just about holds it’s own as seperate spin-off and is definitely worth a family viewing on a damp February day.

Joxer Film Rating of

Everything is [nearly] Awesome..



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