The Joxer Film Review of Assassin’s Creed..

Right, first off, I’ve never played the game and had absolutely no idea of what the game entailed before I took my seat in the cinema to watch the film.I went in with a completely open mind of what I was watching in front of me and can only give a review of the film and not whether of not it is a good representation of the game or not..

Directed by Justin Kurzel and starring Michael Fassbender with a support casting of Jeremy Irons,Marion Cotillard and Charlotte Rampling. Assassin’s Creed opens with 2 flashback scenes,one from the 15th century and one from 1986, about the Knight’s Templar’s and the Assassin’s Brotherhood and their battles through the ages starting from the Spanish Inquisition and ending in the modern world.Aguilar [Fassbender] is the main assassin in the 15th century and in 2016 portrays a man on death row that has a direct bloodline with Aguilar.After being [fakely] executed on Death Row, Cal [Fassbender] is taken to the Abstergo Foundation in Madrid where he is reunited with his past bloodline  via the Animus and is sent on a quest to find the Apple of Eden,something that the Templars have been after for 500 years and which has the genetic code for free-thought..

The film itself has some great actions scenes as it flip flops from the 15th century to modern day with the best fight scenes in the middle ages.The film was clearly designed to be seen on the biggest screen and in 3D and yet only one cinema in my neck of the woods showed it in that format.It clearly shows and is a disappointment to watch it on a smaller screen and in 2D,the film loses it’s edge and the lack of a decent storyline is clearly visible once the shroud of imagery is removed.Saying that,the action sequences are superbly done and are, at times, edge of your seat stuff.The problem is that there is so much too’ing and fro’ing from the Middle Ages to Modern Times that any momentum the film has from these action scenes is immediately stopped in it’s tracks when it returns to the Abstergo Foundation and the modern story which is quite turgid and obvious..

Michael Fassbender is fine as Cal and Aguilar and puts a lot of effort into his role.The same cannot be said for others in the film,one clearly got the impression that Jeremy Irons would have rather had been at home with his feet up in front of the fire.He is usually rather good as a sinister baddie but just looks bored in this and Charlotte Rampling just comes across as a Theresa May wannabe,I kept waiting for her to say something about Brexit every time she came on screen.Everyone else is there just to make up the numbers and have no depth of character and are therefore rather boring.

The Graphics and Effects are fine,they are the highlight of the film and the film itself reminded me at times of Highlander with all the flashbacks.If you are not used to flashback movies like Highlander then it could be quite easy to get confused by it all..

It’s not a bad film,it just isn’t as great as it could have been,the potential was there but it just doesn’t have the conviction in itself to go that extra mile and be something spectacular but instead is quite happy with being just above average and saved by the fight scenes..

I shall however,wait for the 3D Blu-ray version and watch it how it was intended to be viewed for I’m sure it will be much different in that format..

Joxer Film Rating



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