The Joxer Film Review of Passengers.

Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and directed by Morten Tyldum,Passengers is a science fiction space movie.

The Spaceship Avalon is transporting 5000 people to new homeworld, a journey that takes 120 years.A collision with an asteroid causes a malfunction with one of the hibernation pods and inadvertently awakens Jim Preston [Pratt] 90 years too early.How will he cope with life on his own on a sleeping spaceship..?

As films go this one is very much a slow burner with tips to the hat with every major sci-fi film that’s ever been released from 2001 A Space Odyssey to Silent Running and even more modern films like Gravity.

A stunningly visual work,it still manages to be a very bland and mediocre film for the first third of the movie where Preston does his “Treasure Island in Space” solo piece.The film only picks up when Lawrence’s character Aurora Lane is introduced and gives more depth to the story.The chemistry between the two main characters sizzles at times without becoming totally convincing and the film relies far too much on the visuals which distract [sometimes luckily] from the weak plot for a 2 hour film.

Saying that,once the film gets going [about a hour in] then it is very tense and enthralling and has plenty of action scenes amongst the angst of being alone in space.The film has plenty of references to other films,the “open the pod bay doors Hal” from 2001,the man alone in space with only robots as company scenario of Silent Running and it also feels like The Shining at times as Chris Pratt’s character starts to get cabin fever..

This is one of those films that will appeal more to the female audience as the love story unfolds a bit like a space version of James Cameron’s Titanic at times.

It’s also best seen on the biggest screen possible and in 3D ¬†as it has that Gravity element about it with the visual FX..

Not a bad film by any means but not a great one either as it doesn’t tend to have any originality about it and has been seen before in many other sci-fi films..

Joxer Film Rating

4 stars 7/10


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