Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Starring Eva Green,written by Jane Goldman and directed by Tim Burton, Miss Peregrine’s School of Peculiar Children is a bold imagining of the novel of the same name by Ransom Riggs.

Set in 2016 to start with, a 16 year old boy, Jake [Asa Butterfield], gets a call from work to get to his grandfather’s house [Terence Stamp] where he finds him dead and with his eyes missing.During his time of grief Jake is given a book by a relative which tells the tale of a mysterious woman named Miss Peregrine on an island in Wales,a tale which his grandfather had told him as a story from a very young age.Seeking some sort of closure on his grandfather’s death,Jake and his father set off for Wales and there his adventures begin..

This film is your typical Tim Burton fair,with plenty of vibrant colour and the weird and the wonderful aplenty throughout the film.It’s what you’d expect from Tim Burton but surprisingly it doesn’t go “peculiar”enough for me.At times it meanders along during the first half of the film and then come the second half gets a bit complicated in the plot.

In the UK the film has a 12A rating and it is there for a very good reason.Some of the film is incredibly scary and definitely not suitable for the very young viewer.At times it comes across as a watered down version of The Slenderman and with the baddies [Samuel L Jackson & co] sitting down at a table eating human eyeballs it’s not for the faint of heart either..

There are however some excellent scenes with skeletons fighting battles on Blackpool Pier bringing a gentle reminder of Jason and the Argonauts and some very good acting from Asa Butterfield as Jake.The scenery at times is quite stunning [some of it filmed here in Cornwall] and add into the mix some welcome cameo’s from Judi Dench and Rupert Everett and you get a film that is an enjoyable and entertaining 2 hour romp.There are flaws in the film with some of the back and forth through time being a bit confusing, but if you can stick with it then it is worth it at the end..

Not one of Tim Burton’s finest works but still worth a visit to a cinema for a viewing if you are a fan of quirkiness and films a bit left of centre..

Joxer Film Rating

a peculiar 8/10


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