The Magnificent Seven


Starring Denzel Washington,Chris Pratt,Ethan Hawke,Vincent D’Onofrio,Lee Byung-Hun,Manuel Garcia-Rulfo,Martin Sensmeier as title names and future quiz question,The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the classic 1960 movie which itself was a remake of the Seven Samurai..

I took my seat at the cinema with trepidation in my soul after the abysmal remake of Ben Hur [chariots of dire] 2 weeks previously,hoping that I wasn’t in for more of the same with this film and what a wonderful surprise it was to find that this film is at the polar movie opposite of Ben Hur..

This film is a bold and brilliant,an ambitious updated reboot of an all time classic film.Denzel Washington IS Chisholm,the hard-hitting,straight as a die leader with steel in his eyes and retribution in his heart,the only thing lacking was a Yul Bryner bald head but that is another reason this film works,It keeps faith to the original remake but with it’s one spurred cowboy boots firmly set to make it’s own path and tell it’s own story with no stereotypical references of past westerns but a grandiose remake of it’s own..

Chris Pratt’s Faraday is funny,witty,charismatic with just enough gusto to stop himself from becoming a cowboy hat-wearing StarLord.Ethan Hawke shines as a gun-weary Sharpshooter realising his best days are behind him but it’s the support cast that shine above all others here.It’s not just about the star names,the remaining members of the team are giving ample time to shine,to bring an all-round performance and dimension to their characters and to bring the whole film to life.

Yes,there are small periods of the film that drag a bit but you are going to get that in a film that is over 2 hours long.It is wonderfully filmed,the scenery is stunning,the music is stirring and although parts of the first act was out of focus in places [hopefully that was a local thing and not a cock-up in the film itself] the action and the character building was top notch in all aspects,at times a throwback to the great westerns of the 1940’s and 1950’s but then bringing it bang up to date with action of modern times that isn’t afraid to address modern issues in films like gender and race,colour and creed..

A film that was a joy to watch from beginning to end and a film that can hold it’s head high as a genuine modern western that will stand the test of time and finally,a remake of a classic film in 2016 that actually works.In a strange way this is like a western version of the Marvel Avengers films but with more [true?] grit..

A must for all fans of action films and fans of westerns..

more than just a 7 for this magnificent reboot..

Joxer Film Rating



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