Captain Fantastic


Directed and written by Matt Ross and starring Viggo Mortensen,Captain Fantastic is a drama about a father [Mortensen] who has raised his family off grid in the Pacific Northwest in virtual isolation but after a family death has to re-introduce his brood into the “real world”,how will they cope..?

This is a truly astonishing film,one that I went in not having a great deal of expectation for but coming out the better for having seen it.

Mortensen IS “fantastic” as the father that has to deal with the personal issues in his life whilst raising a family in the way his wife wanted him to and with the new pressures of having to take their children from the safety of the way he raised them into a society that refuses to accept them for who they are for what they have achieved.All kinds of prejudices and capitalist ways are shown full in the face as he and his children slowly try to adjust to their surroundings in a world they don’t exist in nor believe in..

In the end it comes down to whether you think he’s the best father in the world or the worst and that answer is totally down to you…

I thoroughly suggest that if you can find this film at your local “filmhouse” [it wasn’t a cinema I saw this in,too indie film for that] that you do so,your life will be the richer for it and there are actually more laughs in this than most comedies i’ve seen recently.Mortensen gives probably the best performance of his career and is worth the admission alone.There is a strong cast to back him up,especially from the kids who are not annoying and play their parts with sympathy and awe that makes them all a pleasure to watch and to like..

Definitely one of the better films i’ve seen this year and an enjoyable 2 hours..

Joxer Film Rating



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