Bastille Day

The Joxer Film Review of Bastille Day..

Starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden,Bastille Day blasts onto your screens from the very first second of the film until the last.The film starts with Parisian/American pick-pocket Michael Mason [Madden] stealing a bag from Zoe Naville [Charlotte Le Bon] unaware that she has just bottled out of planting a bomb at the local French Nationalists headquarters and was just about to throw the bag in the river.After disposing of the bag in a suburban rubbish bin in the centre of Paris the bomb explodes killing 4 people and Mason is now the prime suspect and wanted terrorist being tracked by the CIA and the French police.

Sean Briar [Elba] is given the task by the CIA to find Mason whilst the French interior minister entrusts the RAPID police force to find Mason and Naville.It then plays out a “cat and mouse” game of deception between all parties until the finale where all is revealed.

This film starts off with you thinking “London [Paris] Has Fallen” all over again with all the stereotypes and xenophobia that came with that film but this film is better than that and cleverly reveals a nice little plot twist two thirds of the way through the film which was wonderfully played out in the background of this film.It’s not all just about an all out “shoot em up” action movie with Elba auditioning for James Bond either,there is a nice little story brewing underneath about trust and deception and sleight of hand and it’s a much better film than I thought it was going to be when it started.

Elba and Madden are a good double act,the supporting cast is strong and the film keeps going without relying too much on CGI but more with the proper stunts and action.At times it does come across as a low-budget Bond film but it doesn’t falter on that but keeps itself on target and gives the audience what they want..

A really enjoyable action thriller with a hint of Day of the Jackal for good measure at times..

Worth a viewing for action thriller fans

Joxer Film Rating


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