Eye In The Sky

The Joxer Film Review of Eye in the Sky..

Starring Helen Mirren,Aaron Paul and the late,great Alan Rickman in his final film role.

Eye in the Sky is a taut,pyschological,British film highlighting the ethical,legal and moral dilemma presented to the British military when dealing with an imminent terrorist attack in a “friendly” country,in this case Kenya,where a terrorist group are planning a suicide bombing but are being tracked by Colonel Katherine Powell [Mirren] and General Frank Benson [Rickman] who plan to stop the terrorists by using a drone plane before the terrorists can carry out their mission.Things take a turn for the worse when it’s discovered that Powell’s attempts to stop the terrorists could endanger an innocent life and is confronted with prospect that killing the terrorists could do more harm than good.Will 3 years worth of intelligence go to waste leading to a suicide bombing or will they find a way to deal with terrorists by another means..?

This is a very good thought provoking thriller,making you think of how you would deal with the situation if you were in their shoes.A complex moral film that asks the question “is the need of the one greater than the need of the many?”

Helen Mirren is,as always,excellent in her role but Alan Rickman is superb as the gruff Benson getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated by the red tape he’s confronted with by the pen pushers in the room with him and the film ends with him giving the final retort to the politician in the room who thinks purely of the damage to the image of the government if the mission goes ahead..

interesting to note that none of the main cast are ever in the same room as each other in the film but interact purely by phone.

Well worth watching if you want something cerebral instead of “bang,bang,boom” in your film viewing..

Joxer Film Rating 8/10

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