The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Set before AND after Snow White and The Huntsman,The Huntsman:Winter’s War is a tale of 2 Queen’s and how The Huntsman [and women] became who they are..

We spend the first 3rd of the film in prequel mode showing the back story on how Brighton as a young boy became a Huntsman and then the film jumps forward 7 years after the original film to this one.Chris Hemsworth once again plays Brighton trying to find the “magic mirror” which has been stolen by goblins and take it to the sanctuary before Snow White [who doesn’t appear in the film] goes mad from it’s effects on her.

We also have another story going on in the first 3rd of the film with how the Ice Queen [Emily Blunt] became who she is,casting out Brighton and imprisoning his wife who Brighton thinks is dead] and how she is also after the mirror for her own evil doings..

Along the way,Brighton is reunited with one of the Dwarves [Nick Frost] and another [Rob Brydon] who then join Brighton on his quest.During all this Brighton’s long thought of as dead wife Sara [Jessica Chastain] appears on the scene [confused yet?] and helps him on his quest only to find out that it’s all one big trap by Freya,The Ice Queen..

Believe it or not,after all that,the film is quite enjoyable.If you liked the first film then you will probably like this as well.The 2 Queens are wonderfully evil in a Disney kind of way,nice outfits and you kind of want to boo them in a pantomime fashion.However,Chris Hemsworth is totally awful in this.He has a woeful Scottish accent that wanders all over the place including Geordie at times and is something to be heard to be believed.The dwarves also have a mouth on them that would upset a Newlyn fishwife,no way is the foul language suitable for any viewer under 12 years of age..

The FX are good and the action scenes enjoyable but it doesn’t quite grab you into the story and it drifts off at times..

it’s fine for a wet Saturday afternoon if nothing else is on but nothing to write home about..

Joxer Film Rating


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