Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Joxer Film Review of Batman v Superman

The film starts during the final battle of Man Of Steel but from the perspective of Bruce Wayne [Ben Afleck] as he frantically tries to get to his Wayne Enterprises building in Metropolis as Superman [Henry Cavill] and Zod have their final battle only to see it destroyed in the mayhem.Wayne begins his one-man crusade of vengeance against Superman who caused the deaths of his work people,looking for ways to expose the myth of the “God” whilst also looking for someone [or something] called the “White Portugeuse” [they don’t have Google in Gotham apparently] who has a deadly weapon heading for Gotham.Eventually Wayne’s clues lead him to Lex Luthor,a megalomaniac billionaire and Wayne discovers that he is not alone in tracking Luthor, For a mysterious Amazonian woman and a bespectacled reporter from The Daily Planet are also there at the same time keeping tabs on Luthor as well..

Little do the 3 of them know that Luthor has gotten hold of some deadly Kryptonite and plans to bring Zod back from the dead in one form or another to destroy Superman and become a God of his own by getting Batman and Superman to duke it out without them knowing who is really to blame for all the chaos surrounding their lives..

Commence battle scenes galore!

If you liked Man of Steel you are going to love this.

Yes there are parts that are confusing or unnecessary [the Batman dream sequence in the desert with the flying critters and Batman parents death for instance] but overall this is a dark and gritty film with plenty of action throughout,plenty of batfight-scenes,plenty of decent acting from Afleck and Cavill who excel in their roles, Jeremy Irons is wonderful as the extremely droll butler Alfred,Amy Adams makes a good Lois Lane and it’s everything we hoped it was going to be when it was first announced that this film would be made.There are 2 downsides though,Gal Gadot is as charismatic as a corkscrew as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman,she just doesn’t fit the part at all and Jesse Eisenberg is seriously irritating as Lex Luthor..

We do however get little glimpses of things to come in the DC movie-world and it does look promising and not all doom and gloom..

I thoroughly enjoyed it,it kept me entertained throughout..

A Bat-tastic Blockbuster!

Joxer Film Rating 8/10


having seen the film again for a second time I can write now that the film makes much more sense now,the dream sequences are less confusing [ok,so that’s The Flash in a time loop and they are Darkseid’s minions] and it’s definately one of those films that gets better the more times you watch it and pick up on the subtle little things..

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