The Joxer Film Review of Zootropolis..

Set in a world populated by anthropomorphic mammals,Disney’s Zootropolis stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopp,a bunny with a  high leap and [from a young age] higher aspirations of being a police officer,which she eventually succeeds in doing.Her first assignment as a traffic cop has her meeting a foxy con-artist by the name of Nick Wilde [Jason Bateman] and abandoning her duties to arrest thief Duke Weasington.This lands her in trouble with her superior officer but just as she’s about to be sacked she is confronted by Mrs Otterton who persuades her and her boss to try and find her missing husband.Judy is given just 48 hours to find the missing mammal or lose her career before it’s started..

With the aid of the wily street-wise Wilde as her only lead,Judy begins her journey to solve the case and find out what is really going on in the land of Zootropolis whilst getting caught up with the “mammal mafia” and drug-making rams..

It truly is a wonderful film,Ideal for kids and adults alike,it’s not what you think you are going in to watch at all for the story is all really a back-drop for the story within the story of living with diversity cultures  and accepting everyone for who they are without prejudice and bigotry..

The animation is superb,the dialogue is slick,the comedy spot-on and any Disney film that references Breaking Bad has to be good, although at times it lacks that extra “fizzle” that made Inside Out the film it was..

The only real fault with this film is the sloth scene,that really does drag on forever but other than that it’s worth every penny you’ve paid to watch it..

An excellent film that makes you feel good at the end as Gazelle [Shakira] sings you out of the building as the credits roll..

Joxer Film Rating 9/10


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