Hail Caesar!

The Joxer Film Review of Hail Caesar..

Set in the early 1950’s Hollywood,The Coen Brother’s Hail Caesar is a wonderful homage to the classic golden days of Hollywood.George Clooney,Scarlet Johansson,Josh Brolin and Channing Tatum lead an all-star cast through 2 hours of tongue-in-cheek pastiche with more ham than the local deli counter.

The plot,for all it’s worth,is that Baird Whitlock [Clooney] is kidnapped from the set of his new film Hail Caesar,leaving his producer Eddie Mannix [Brolin] to try and track him down before he loses his marbles [and pay a $100,000 ransom] with all the studio shenanigans going on around him.This involves a Busby Berkeley epic with a “pregnant” Scarlet Johansson being a diva,Channing Tatum in an “On The Town” style song and dance number and a cowboy star out of his depth thrown into a melodrama on the orders of the studio bosses.In the meantime,Whitlock is enjoying cups of tea and rectangle sandwiches with his captors oblivious to all that’s going on..

Will Mannix get Whitlock back on set before the media exposes the story?

It is a genuinely funny film with great cameo performances from people of all genres,It was nice to see Christopher Lambert and Clancy Brown [Highlander] on screen in the same film again [shame they didn’t share screen time together] and it’s a case of “ooh,it’s so and so!” many times in the film.

A joy to watch from beginning to end..

Joxer Film Rating 9/10

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