Kung Fu Panda 3

The Joxer Film Review of Kung Fu Panda 3..

Starring Jack Black,Angelina Jolie J.K Simmons and Bryan Cranston..

Po and pals are back in a wonderful 3rd installment of the animated franchise.The film starts with the evil Kai [J.K.Simmons] escaping the spiritual prison of the last 500 years to take the chi of the Kung Fu creatures whilst Po finally gets to meet his real father [voiced by Bryan Cranston] and discovers that there is a secret panda village hidden away in the mountains..

Kai eventually tracks down Po for a final showdown to take his powers unaware that Po has trained the pandas in the martial arts of dumpling throwing and noodle twisting..

It’s all a thoroughly enjoyable romp,one of those films that you don’t realise you are enjoying until you discover that you have had the stupidest grin on your face for the last 45 minutes or so..

The animation is superb and really should be seen in 3D for it’s full glory.The Jokes are witty,funny and kids will love the action scenes.

The villain is wonderfully pantomine and Jack Black and co are on fine form..

A must see for all the family..

Joxer Film Rating 8/10

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