The Joxer Film Review of Divergent:Allegiant

Carrying on from the end of the second film in the franchise,The 3rd film sees Tris,Four and pals go beyond the wall surrounding Chicago for the first time ever…

Tris meets David and discovers that not all is at it seems and that old allies and new friends may not be the best solution to Chicago’s problems..

Will Tris and Four save Chicago before it is doomed forever..?

This film is all style and no substance,a “filler film” in the same way the 3rd Hunger Games movie was.It just drifts along,not really doing anything and with just the SFX to keep you occupied for the 2 hours of duration.If you haven’t seen the previous 2 films in the series then you won’t have a clue as to what is going on and even then it’s touch and go..

There are loads of moody moments of menacing looks from the baddies,plenty of looks of confusion by Tris,Four and pals and Peter just ambles about as the puppet being played..

The Special Effects,for all they are worth,are rather good which is thankful as the film relies heavily on them to distract you from the fact that nothing of note is really happening in the film at any given time..

I still expect them to bump into The Maze Runner crew as they stroll through polluted deserts or eat in the canteens..

it’s not a terrible film but it’s only there as a prelude to next years film and offers very little of it’s own..

only watch if you’ve seen the other two films..

Joxer Film Rating 5/10

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