London Has Fallen


The Joxer Film Review of London Has Fallen..

An American drone kills the family of a weapons dealer/terrorist in Pakistan and 2 years later the British Prime Minister dies of a heart attack and the leaders of the West attend his state funeral where they are promptly assassinated..all except the President of the U.S.A. who travels the streets of London fleeing the assassins with his bodyguard.

Starring Gerard Butler and with Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman reprising their roles from the first film,London Has Fallen is the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen and I wish they hadn’t bothered..

The film is a ludicrous,predicatble,cliched,corny collection of one-liners and SFX that appear to have been created by a 15 year old Bulgarian on their games console during school half term week.The plot has more holes in it than my kitchen colander and the acting is so bad that this film makes Taken 3 look like Skyfall.

A dreadful mish-mash of action scenes that will have people who play Call of Duty laughing in their seats in embarrassment at the shoddy production and all round tackiness of this film and an ending so obvious you don’t need to be a mole in MI6 to work it out,in fact,if you don’t work out who’s who within the first 5 minutes of the start of this film then a job in the security services is not for you..!

An insult to the intelligence of anyone who watches it..

If you have a choice today of watching this film or having root canal surgery then enjoy your time at the dentist!

Joxer Film Rating 4/10


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