Alvin and the Chipmunks:Road Trip

Just when you think it was all over..

Time for the Joxer Film Review of Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Road Trip..

Alvin and Co are still living with Dave but their 15 minutes of fame is over and Dave is now producing records for someone else and has the record release date in Miami to attend to with his new girlfriend Samantha.Alvin notices a ring in Dave’s bag and assumes that Dave is about to propose to Samantha in Miami so takes it on himself to drag his 2 buddies and Samantha’s obnoxious son to Miami to stop him..

On the way they meet another obnoxious person in the form of an air marshall [whilst on board a plane they manage to get grounded for letting the animals free] who then chases them across the US to Miami in revenge for his own jilted engagement [its a long story] as Alvin and Co have their little “road trip” after being banned from flying..

You would think this would make an enjoyably funny and entertaining film for all the family wouldn’t you..?

You’d be wrong,the laughs are non-existant to the point of embarrassing,The massacre of every song “sung” is worse than you can imagine and then,when you think it couldn’t get any worse,There’s Line Dancing in Texas and then Uptown Funk Dixieland-style..

Not one child in the cinema laughed at any point of this film..

Joxer Film Rating 2/10

The longest 89 minutes of your life..



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