Dad’s Army


Today’s Joxer Film Review is of the film version of the forever popular and legendary tv show Dad’s Army..

Starring a host of British acting legends,Bill Nighy,Sir Michael Gambon and Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Rose Winter in this wartime movie set in the quiet seaside village of Walmington-on-Sea..

For those not familiar with the tv show,Dad’s Army were the Home Guard defending Englands shores from any German invasion and this film is a honest tribute to that show..

Captain Mainwaring is informed by his superiors that a German spy may be lurking amongst the quiet surroundings of his village and is given the task of flushing out any would be plotter for MI5 to nab.Of Course,he and his merry men are completely out of their depth for such a task,especially when the delightfullly mysterious Rose Winter appears on the scene with her alluring [not so] charms..Will Mainwaring and Co find the spy before details of D-Day are sent back to Berlin?

There is plenty of slapstick,whimsical Whitehall Farce and non-offensive,old school British humour to keep everyone entertained for the duration of the film,fans of the tv show will thoroughly enjoy it as a tip-of-the-hat nostalgic tribute to the tv show and the film is an enjoyable little romp.Toby Jones captures the essence of Mainwaring superbly and is backed up brilliantly by Nighy and Gambon in their roles as Wilson and Godfrey.There are some nice cameo’s from the remaining cast members of the tv show and Zeta-Jones plays her part to the full as a femme-fatale with other agenda’s..

A nice alternative for cinema goer’s who don’t want all the boo-ha of Oscar nominated big-hitters but just want something nice and enjoyable for a change..

Joxer Film Rating 7/10

[and stay until the end of the credits!]

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