The Big Short









It’s definitely Award Season at the moment at the cinema and here comes another Oscar contender and if you are expecting an action packed,adrenalin fuelled,soppy love story with big explosions and fight scenes then this isn’t the film for you..
This is a “proper” film,high on acting,low on suspense or any of the above..
Based around the financial crash of 2008 it tells the true story of how a very small bunch of people saw through the lies of the banks and tried to expose [and capitalise on] the goings-on before the banks went tits-up..
It is not what I was expecting at all,the trailer doesn’t do the film justice and neither does the title of the film,I suppose “the money shot” would have been worse..?
It’s a brilliant film,the acting is superb,the story flows effortlessly and unlike 2 other films I’ve seen recently it doesn’t seem over-long..
A heads up though,pay VERY close attention to the first 30 minutes of the film for it explains in great detail what all the bits about banking mean so you dont feel lost as the film develops and uses the “small talk” of CDO’s and “bank swaps” more often..
The film probably won’t appeal to the masses but if you fancy seeing something different from the usual bumpf then give it a go,you wont be disappointed..
and a special congrats to Brad Pitt’s impression of Robert Redford!.
Joxer Film Rating 9/10

The Big Short Trailer

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