The Revenant

RevenantThis weeks offering is The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio,Tom Hardy and Will Poulter..
set in the american mountains in the 1800’s,it starts with DiCaprio,Hardy and pals as a bunch of pelt collectors attacked by indians,DiCaprio is also a scout/tracker and is attacked by an angry bear and left for dead and buried alive by Hardy when he believes DiCaprio is “holding him back”.
The rest of the film is centred around DiCaprio coming back from the grave and seeking revenge..
It is excellently filmed,stunning action scenes and full on,in your face,cinematography.You can almost smell the testosterone coming from the screen for this a “mans film”,no whimpage here..
and when I say in your face,I mean in your face,no long range shots here when you can film everything in super-close up..
The acting is great,DiCaprio is fantastic in it and Hardy plays the baddie brilliantly BUT just like last week and the Hateful 8,the film is unnecessarily long,at times the film drags as you are left with people wandering around the frozen forests looking hungry..
this film will probably also upset animal lovers,there’s a fair bit of horse dying in this and also a LOT of eating of raw meats,so if you are a vegetablarian dont say I didnt warn you!
other than that I highly recommend it,but beware the gore!
Joxer Film Rating 9/10

The Revenant Trailer

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