Today’s offering is the latest instalment in the Rocky franchise but with a [predictable] twist..
Starring Michael B Jordan as the [very young] son of the [very] late Apollo Creed and Sly Stallone as Rocky Balbao as Rocky trains the young rookie for a big pay day against the popular and undefeated British boxing world champion….
Does it sound familiar?
It should do as it is a reboot and remake of the first ever Rocky film but with the main 2 characters switched,so if you’ve seen THAT film then you know exactly what to expect,a scene with the young pretender chasing a chicken,a scene with the young pretender running down the street in his dirty grey tracksuit accompanied by his “street” mates,etc,etc,etc..
A movie-by-numbers film that’s been seen before and done to death,it doesn’t however make it a bad film,the fight scenes are well done [the best performance at Goodison Park since Tranmere beat Everton in the FA Cup],the acting is good and it is an enjoyable 2 hours.
Is it worthy of an Oscar nod to Stallone? the answer to that is “no”,I’m surprised he’s been nominated..
all in all,a good but not great film although it is worth watching..
is there an Oscar category for “best un-original story”?
Joxer Film Rating 7/10

Creed Trailer

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